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We are always happy to provide tour references and testimonials of our past clients. Due to our privacy policy, we will put you in touch with previous tour clients only after having obtained their explicit permission. You will understand that this process might be lengthy at times due to our clients' availability, but we always endeavour to satisfy you with such requests. Do not hesitate to ask us for details. We pride ourselves in excellency in service and challenge anyone to find one single client who had been unhappy with one of our tours!

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Here are some actual testimonials:

Only the best tour references We had an uneventful journey home and have a chest full of pleasant memories. Thank you again for your service and expertise.

Dr H.F., Arizona

Only the best tour references You are very lucky if you can book this company to chauffeur and guide you for 3 weeks. We were only able to secure them for 9 days and wished we could have had them for our 5 weeks. We travel a fair amount and hiring this company to chauffeur us was the smartest thing I've ever done. Your needs and desires are the number one priority. Since you prepay you never need a cent as they see to everything (except your shopping or other add-ons). Their chauffeur's knowledge of and love for the country are incredible. Book now if they are available and enjoy! Give them my regards if you decide to go.

S. & P. A., Seattle