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Who We Are

Hello and welcome to Europe

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are an independent small group of driver-guides and chauffeurs, all passionate about our continent and excellency in service. We are all fluent in English and can communicate easily in all languages of the countries visited on our tours. We all have a passion: to offer you the best possible service and tour experience in Europe.
The vast majority of our clients are Americans and, over the years, we've learned a lot about their specific requests and tastes. This knowledge allows us better means to ensure their satisfaction. We are perfectionists and our tours are always organized to the smallest detail.

What are our interests and hobbies? - Nature, plants, trees, birds. Classical music and other arts. Not to mention fine cuisine - We will never miss an opportunity to sample the latest creation of a great chef and share it with our clients on our tours.

We come from professional backgrounds (advertising, media, journalism) and the reason why we have chosen to guide you instead of pursuing our careers is our love for Europe and service.

We are convinced that it is impossible to organize quality tours for large groups. For that reason, we specialize in small group and individual tours. Discoveries that can be made in a small group with chauffeur are much richer and much more numerous. As no one can pretend to an exhaustive knowledge of Europe, we complement our commentaries with ones provided by local, knowledgeable guides, all specialized in their specific region or subject.

Our desire is make sure that you will get to know and love Europe with its numerous facets, and we are always delighted when our clients come back to allow us to chauffeur them for a second or a third tour. We look forward to accompanying you on your discovery of Europe with your own chauffeur.